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Why choose one of our Training Centres?

It is important when looking for a Level 3 Personal Training Diploma course to know the difference between accredited and non-accredited courses. Many cheap personal training courses offered online are non-accredited which means they do not necessarily meet the standards required for the industry – and more importantly, the standards required for an insurer to grant professional working insurance – an essential requirement if you are thinking of practising professionally.

All the course providers listed below offer Level 3 Personal Training Diploma courses which have been accredited by the international accrediting agency, Thinktree Hub and are therefore guaranteed to meet the required standards. In addition, all the course providers offer face-to-face teaching as opposed to soulless online learning (which is the way most non-accredited courses have been designed and are delivered).

All the course providers own their own personal training businesses, all are highly experienced and in the heart of the industry. So you will be learning from people who are actually doing the job on a day-to-day basis. All of them have gone through a strict vetting process and we do not accept anyone who does not have years of experience, who does not own their own independent business and who does not actually employ personal trainers themselves.

Our ethos is that we believe that student personal trainers should be taught by experienced professionals who actually practise what they preach, rather than by, for example, a college lecturer who learned a syllabus years ago and is still teaching the same things as when they first started (and who possibly has never taken a “real” personal training session ever since). The fitness industry moves and changes with the times and all the courses offered by our registered personal training businesses reflect that in their practice. All students who take one of these Level 3 Personal Training diplomas are guaranteed professional working insurance when they complete the course – which means the day you pass, you can start working!

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