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About AITP

The Association of Independent Personal Trainers was born out of the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre which licenses owners of fitness facilities to offer high-quality Level 3 Personal Training Diplomas.

In order to run such courses, it has to be demonstrated that they will be of the highest standard and taught by experienced teachers who are actually in the industry delivering personal training sessions to real clients on a daily basis. This was in response to the many sub-standard courses offered cheaply online where there is little to no face-to-face contact and where the teaching is almost all theoretical with maybe a practical examination at the end.

Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre was concerned that students should be trained to be fitness professionals who could stand alongside other professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and even nurses or doctors. There are now over 50 approved centres across the UK and Ireland who offer such high-quality courses and the Association of Independent Personal Trainers is a register of personal trainers who have gained their qualification through one of these centres.

Meet The Team

Ian Ryves

Ian is the CEO of Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre and has spent over 15 years in the heart of the fitness industry. He initially created Wellbeing Fitness as a personal training studio with multiple branches across the country. In response to the need for more high-quality professionals to work in the fitness industry, he developed the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre, where the teaching is face-to-face rather than online and where it is both relevant and of the highest standard.

Furthermore, it is actually conducted by fitness professionals who are practising in the industry on a daily basis, rather than by teachers who may not have done a personal training session with a real client for years.

To enable the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre to function at the highest level, he assembled the team below.

Ian Spiby

Ian spent over 30 years as a lecturer in teacher education at Northampton University, eventually as Head of Division.

In the latter part of his time at university he became an expert in the validation of new courses and the quality assurance that is part and parcel of that process. More recently he has been called upon as a consultant to other universities, (for example Regents University in London) providing training and preparation for their own validation processes.

He was therefore in an ideal position to oversee the development of the Wellbeing Fitness Education Centre courses.

Kieran Sharpe

Kieran is highly experienced and has a long history of success managing and creating curriculums in all areas of sport, sport-science, sport therapy and injuries, forensic science and public services. This has involved him being on secondment to a variety of institutions to offer support and advice on smart teaching systems and curriculum management in order to attain essential objectives for a variety of stakeholders.

Successes have included “outstanding rating” from OFSTED and “outstanding teaching provision” in subject-specific curriculum management with a variety of awarding bodies. From grass roots to world-class performance, local authority and international training venues, Kieran has considerable expertise. He has not only managed and taught Level 3 to Level 5 teacher-training qualifications but has taken roles at all levels of sport and leisure & training. He has a passion for supporting others wishing to enter this career path.

Kush Kumar

Kush is the CEO and founder of ThinkTree, the international validation company. He has written and delivered qualifications for universities, awarding organisations and has worked with OFSTED, participating in inspections. Kush also holds a number of board-member, examiner and international speaker roles with professional bodies across the globe.

He has a reputation as a business expert and influencer for the health and wellbeing industry. He is dedicated to quality and takes a continuous improvement approach to all aspects of work. Sets, achieves, and maintains high standards whilst supporting therapists, course providers and contributors.

Holistic Insurance

Holistic Insurance Services have been involved with insuring areas such as personal training, therapy, massage and nutrition since 2002. They now insure over 25,000 therapists from a variety of Associations and disciplines. They pride themselves on their personal service and aim to offer as wide a list of therapies as possible within a premium which they believe to be of excellent value. Although they start by offering a set package which they know suits 90% of practitioners they can offer tailored policies for specific individual requirements.

All the staff receive specialist training so that the needs of each client are fully understood. Each policyholder has their own unique membership number. In the event of an incident occurring they are there to talk to you and offer the advice that you need.